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First on the market

Opakowanie” (“Packaging” in English) is a monthly magazine dedicated to packaging’s industry professionals: producers, converters, designers, printers and suppliers of machinery, equipment and materials for packaging. It’s published since 1955, so it’s the oldest and the most recognizable magazine for packaging industry in Poland.


For packaging professionals

Opakowanie” has been associated with Polish science for years. Each issue contains scientific articles published by graphic arts’ and packaging’ specialists – academic teachers and research workers from most important institutions in Poland.

From January 2011 “Opakowanie” is co-published by Sigma-NOT Publishing House and Alfa-Print Sp. z o. o. – publisher of „Poligrafika” magazine (www.poligrafika.pl). This cooperation has resulted in many changes – new “Opakowanie” means new layout, format and clear division between the scientific and market oriented parts.

We are going to publish many articles dedicated to the modern manufacturing and packaging technologies, innovations in the field of packaging and labels, ecology, installations and an inspiring examples of enterprises’ development.

New “Opakowanie” has also a new – daily updated – website www.opakowanie.pl – best source of latest industry information and a new place for your advertisement. 



Alfa-Print Sp. z o.o.

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Phone: + 48 22 828-14-00, +48 22 826 61 32

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President of the Board

Anna Naruszko

e-mail: anna.naruszko@opakowanie.pl


Editor In Chief

Anna Naruszko

e-mail: anna.naruszko@opakowanie.pl



Magdalena Kalbarczyk

Phone: +48 22 828-14-00

e-mail: magdalena.kalbarczyk@opakowanie.pl


Graphic designer

Beata Radzka

e-mail: beata.radzka@opakowanie.pl