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Leading topics in year 2016:



Packaging machinery

– The latest innovations in terms of packaging

– An overview of the market offer and summary of the packing machines’ suppliers



Packaging design

MIS/ERP Systems

2016 Warsaw Pack fair edition

– software for packaging design

– packaging as a part of marketing strategy

– review of MIS/ERP systems – market offer



New trends and innovations in packaging production

2016 Packaging Innovations fair edition

– review of market solutions for packaging sector

– intelligent and active packaging

– fair announcements



Plastic packaging

2016 Plastpol fair edition

– market novelties for plastic packaging

– An overview of the plastic packaging producers’ market offer

– fair announcements



Printing for packaging

2016 drupa fair edition

– printing and finishing machines for packaging

– fair announcements



Paper and cardboard packaging

– novelties for paper and cardboard packaging’ producers

– packaging for cosmetics and farmaceuticals – market trends

– an overview of the paper and cardboard packaging producers’ offer

– an overview of substrates and machines suppliers for paper and cardboard production



Metal, glass and wood packaging

– innovations for metal, glass and wood packaging production

– metal, glass and wood packaging producers’ market offer

– packaging for food and beverages – market novelties, actual trends



Flexography, label production

2016 Taropak fair edition

– labelling inovations

– machines and materials for labelling – market offer

– new technologies in flexography

– fair announcements



2016 Taropak and 2016 Fachpack editions



Ecology in packaging

2016 Pol-Eco-System fair and 2016 K fair editions

Packaging finishing

– ecology certificates for packaging sector

– sustainability

– biodegradable packaging

– luxury packaging – market trends



Securing and marking of packaging

2016 All4Pack fair (previously Emballage) edition

– packaging and logistic solutions

– marking, coding and securing of packaging

– an overview of suppliers offering packaging’ marking and securing solutions

– fair announcements



Substrates for packaging production

Christmas edition

– market novelties

– an overview of suppliers offering packaging’ materials and substrates


Each issue of „Opakowanie” magazine consists (in addition to the articles related to the leading topics) constant thematic sections:


Economic and technological part:

News of the month: the most important information from the packaging industry

Market: market analysis, development outlook; industry events: trade fairs, conferences, meetings

Packaging design: software dedicated to packages’ design; examples of creative projects; industry contests

Packaging production: new technologies, solutions and equipment for packaging production and processing; interesting installations; packaging and labels’ manufacturers – reports

Solutions dedicated to packaging and logistics: new technologies for packaging and logistics; new installations

Materials: new materials for packaging production

Ecology, regulations, standards: sustainable and responsible packaging production; regulations and legislations changes in packaging production; industry standards


Scientific part:

Peer reviewed scientific articles, including those associated with the main topics.